What Exactly is Betting?



If you’ve heard the term Betting but are confused about exactly what it means, take a moment to read this page, it was designed specifically to increase your awareness and knowledge of Betting.

Stated basically, Betting allows the affiliate to receive a percentage of the profits, whenever a visitor to your website or link, in turn buys the end product or service from the vendor. In other words they are paying you a percentage, for sending them a sale. The percentage varies from product to product but generally ranges from 25 to 70%. Your actual compensation may be based on the clicks, referrals or signups, but is most normally based on actual sales made of the end product.

A significant amount of money can be made via Betting, so take your time and search for products paying the best commission, but also products of very high quality. It will do you no good to send a qualified prospect to a bad product, which may result in no sale, or eventually a refund, both a waste of your time and energy and possibly money.

That is not said to frighten you, since a great deal of money can and has been made based solely on Betting. Here are a few benefits surrounding it.


No product to create, or inventory to purchase. The merchant or website owner will take care of development and delivery.

No shipping costs, at least not on the affiliates end. If shipping is required, the merchant or website owner will handle any charges, and or fulfillment requirements.

You’ll never need to deal with dissatisfied customers or refunds. While any reputable merchant should strive for superior customer service, it will never be the responsibility of the affiliate, rather the product owner or Fulfillment Company.

It isn’t necessary to promote one single product; instead promote as many as you can comfortably create content for. The only caution is as follows, don’t take on more than you can comfortably handle.

The affiliate marketer can be up and running quickly with the product creator, or website owner, having furnished multiple methods of advertising.

While it is advisable to have a website, it’s not mandatory and the use of free websites, while not ideal, is certainly possible.

NOTE: some limitations may apply and the aspiring affiliate marketer should strive to have control over their website content.

Geographic limitations do not come into play. As long as you have an Internet connection you can operate your Betting business from anywhere in the world, either full or part time.

High profit potential… Depending on the product or merchant, some affiliates receive commissions as high as 70% or more, giving the potential for significant gains.

Autopilot profits… While it may take time to properly set-up a marketing funnel, once established it’s possible to make money 24/7/365.

Becoming an affiliate marketer has the potential of high profit and low risk. Anyone seeking to make money on the Internet is well advised to learn as much as possible about becoming an affiliate marketer, then take action with this information.